Nemetschke Huber Koloseus

The partnership for your commercial success

The professional expertise of a specialist law firm and loyalty to each individual client has always been the foundation of Nemetschke Huber Koloseus’ philosophy. Maybe it’s our quality standards or maybe our up-to-date knowledge – the fact is that we get results in a way that not many firms do. A fact that makes our clients appreciate us. And a fact that we certainly take pride in.

Our name is inextricably linked with specialisation in the real estate field. Whether buying or selling real estate – with around 25 years’ experience providing legal advice for the completion of complex real estate transactions and developments in Austria and in CEE/SEE, we have the expertise to give you a distinct advantage.

When we assist clients, we do so comprehensively. Our clients can rely on the fact that we are always on hand with our customary expertise and professionalism in all matters.

It is not just large corporations that rely on our specialist knowledge. We also assist many private individuals as well as small and medium businesses. We accept many cases because our clients need our assistance. And we accept many others because they fascinate us from a technical standpoint. Whatever the reason for enlisting our services, we will represent your interests with creativity, dedication and personal commitment.

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